Rovers on the Rocks V – Rausch Creek Off Road Park, Tremont, Pa.


Land Rover Annapolis organized a trail ride.  One of our members rode his motorbike to attend and be part of the action.

Conclave 2013

The new yearly event in Gore, Virginia at “The Cove.”  Lots of trails for all levels of drivers and trucks.

Summer Invitational 2013

A new set of trails in a familiar area – Ligonier and Chestnut Ridge. 3,000 acres of private land.  Could be a new tradition.

Winter Classic 2013

The club’s annual winter trail ride in the snow.  There has to be snow.  Rovers love the snow. We call it the Winter Classic after the outdoor hockey game that is played on New Year’s Day. The 110 made it on the trail but had to be nursed home.  “Crazy Red” didn’t make it though.


“Conclave” is a new event held at The Cove campground in Gore, Virginia.  Combined with MAR this year it was held over the weekend of September 20, 2012. Over 120 Land Rovers were registered for Conclave.